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KWTremote App

This app is designed as an extension of the KETTLER WORLD TOURS software.

The app includes the operation of the 4 direction buttons of the control panel as well as the + and - buttons of the newer S-line devices. The app can represent also a menu for easier navigation. In training, the currently adjustable parameters can be changed directly and change the scale of the graphs, as well as the camera.

In the iOS and Android version, the app can also remotely control the new race chat from KETTLER WORLD TOURS from version The app displays the chat. It is not necessary to open this in KWT.

The KETTLER WORLD TOURS connects to the app via the local network. It is necessary the PC with KETTLER WORLD TOURS and the Smartphone with KWTremote App are connected to the same network.

KETTLER WORLD TOURS 2.0 is compatible from version with the KWTremote app.
KETTLER WORLD TOURS 3.0 is compatible from version

Features at a glance:

  • As a replacement for the cable control panel
  • Control the 4 directional keys as well as + and -
  • Menu navigation similar to the panel menu
  • Training values, scaling and camera directly modifiable
  • Race chat directly in the app

Firewall settings

For the communication with the KWTremote app, KETTLER WORLD TOURS opens a network port. This is prevented by the firewall once and a Windows security alert appears in the normal case.

So that the app works perfectly you need to allow access.

KETTLER WORLD TOURS opens the port 9007 for UDP packets for communication. You need to open them only on your PC. A configuration is not required in your Internet router.

Video Android

Video iPhone/iPad

Screenshots iPhone

Screenshots Android