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License agreement for



Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung
Dettenhauser Str. 6
D 72141 Walddorfhäslach

License Agreement

By using this software you agree to the following terms and conditions.

If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please close the program.

1. General

The object of this agreement is the license to use the Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung product named in the second line above, hereinafter referred to as Software.

2. Duplication Rights

(1) You may only duplicate the supplied program if you need to do so in order to use the program. Necessary duplications include installing the program from the original data carrier to the hard disk of your computer and loading the program to random access memory.

(2) Duplications may also be made for backup purposes. You are however only permitted to produce and keep one single backup copy. This backup copy must be identified as such.

(3) Other duplications, including printouts of program code and photocopying the user manual, may not be produced. In particular, it shall be forbidden to save the computer program or parts thereof in other data formats. This applies in particular to graphics, textures and datasets included in delivery. This shall not apply to the change permissions regulated in this license agreement.

3. Decompilation and Program Modifications

(1) Reverse translation of the transferred program code into other code forms (decompilation) and other kinds of reverse development of the various stages of manufacture of the software (reverse-engineering) are not permitted.

(2) Program modifications, particularly for the purpose of debugging or functional enhancement, are only permitted if the modified program is used within the scope of personal use. In the context of this agreement, personal use shall include your private use in particular. Personal use shall however also include use for professional or business purposes, provided these are not made externally available for commercial use in any form whatsoever.

(3) Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall not be liable for the results of your work.

(4) Copyright notices and any other program-identifying features may not be removed or changed under any circumstances.

4. Warranty

(1) Please note that you are not entitled to any warranty claims against Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung as a direct result of purchasing this program. All warranty claims shall be made exclusively against the dealer from whom you acquired the product. Any claims due to software defects must therefore be made against your dealer directly.

(2) In general, Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung cannot guarantee any particular software features. Errors in application programs cannot be entirely ruled out in current versions and do not necessarily entail a right of compensation. Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall therefore only guarantee that the software is free of defects that considerably limit or prevent fitness for use at the time of purchase.

(3) If the software exhibits defects that do no considerably limit program use, Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall be prepared to provide a guarantee to the dealer from whom you acquired this program in line with the following terms and conditions.

(4) The warranty shall exclude damages not caused directly by Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung. These include in particular damages caused by defective data carriers, improper installation by user, software operated in parallel, viruses, rectification or maintenance measures unauthorized by Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung, intervention in the software by you or a third party or any similar action.

(5) Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall only be liable for incompatibility between supplied or created software and hardware not supplied by Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung if Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung conceded compatibility in writing before the date of purchase

5. Liability

(1) Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall assume unlimited liability for defects of title and absence of guaranteed properties. Liability for initial inability, delay and impossibility of delivery shall not exceed the simple purchase price of this program and compensation for damages in software transferal can only be considered as long as they are reasonable and representative to such claims. For the remainder, Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung shall only be liable for acts of willful misconduct and gross negligence, also of its legal representative and auxiliaries, as long as an obligation that is essential to the contract (cardinal obligation) is not violated. If a cardinal obligation is violated, the liability limitation for initial inability shall apply accordingly.

(2) Claims in line with the Product Liability Law as well as claims from manufacturer’s liability remain unaffected.

(3) If you are responsible for any incurred damages, you will be held liable accordingly.

6. Closing Provisions

(1) Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties occurring owing to this agreement shall be Reutlingen, Germany, and applies to registered business persons, legal entities or legal separate estates under public law, or if your place of business or residence is not in the Federal Republic of Germany.

(2) This agreement and other legal relationships shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany (except for the provisions of German International Private Law). UN sales law shall not apply.

(3) Should individual provisions of this agreement be or become null and void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

And now enjoy the product!

Wolfgang Weinmann Softwareentwicklung
Dettenhauser Str. 6
D 72141 Walddorfhäslach