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Control panel with cable set

The control panel with cable kit is an extension for KETTLER WORLD TOURS. You can connect another device with KETTLER WORLD TOURS and thus you not need to  change plug connections everytime.

With KETTLER WORLD TOURS several devices can be simultaneously configured in the basic settings. KETTLER WORLD TOURS requires a control panel for each device.

 To use the Studio mode of KETTLER WORLD TOURS at least 2 KETTLER training devices with control panel are needed.

A control panel with cable set is part of KETTLER WORLD TOURS. Assembly instructions can be found in the help to KETTLER WORLD TOURS. The cable kit consists of:

  • Control panel
  • USB to Serial converter
  • USB cable, 3 m with plug form A and B
  • Clamp for fastening
Control panel with cable set
Ordernumber: KETT-004
Price: 99,00 €
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